Hero Swap Event Guide 2024

From March 23rd until May 20th, you will be able to swap two heroes.

During the event, you can choose two heroes and swap their levels, Signature Items, Mythic Furnitures, Eternal Engravings, and T3/T4 gears. Non-T3/T4 gear worn by heroes and non-Mythic Tier furniture will not be swapped.

You must have at least one copy of a hero to swap it. Heroes that can be swapped include non-Dimensional Heroes released in 2023 and earlier. So Atheus,  Malkrie, Awakened Lucius, Adrian & Elyse, Bronn, and Kalthin can’t be swapped.

After swapping, all heroes to be replaced in your bag will be swapped with the target heroes.

You must clear Stage 19-40 to participate. If you have not swapped any heroes during the event, you will instead receive 10,000 diamonds after the event ends.

If you want to understand the best way to use the Hero Swap, take a look at the guide below.

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Tier 1: Awakened Hero

Awakened Heroes are the hardest heroes to ascend, so being able to swap awakened heroes is very valuable.

Awakened-Ezizh Awakened Ezizh is by far the weakest awakened hero and he can do his job pretty well even at Legendary ascension. Awakened Phoenix Awakened Talene is the second weakest awakened hero and she can also work fine at Legendary ascension. So if you have invested on any of them, it is a good idea to swap Awakened Ezizh or Awakened Talene with another awakened hero. 

Awakened Thane is great, but he’s not as great as the top-tier awakened heroes available to be swapped in this event. So it is also a good idea to swap Awakened Talene with   Awakened Shemira, Awakened Belinda, Awakened Safiya, Awakened Lyca or Awakened Athalia.

Awakened Shemira is the best of those five heroes, she should be your highest priority. Check our Temple of Time guide to see more details about awakened heroes priority.

Tier 2: Celestial/Hypogean Hero

The second most valuable way to use your Hero Swap is to use it to swap two Celepogean heroes.

Wu Kong is the weakest Celestial hero and the easiest Celestial hero to ascend. Swapping an ascended Wu Kong with another celestial or hypogean hero is a great investment. flora Flora is not bad, but she is also very easy to ascend compared to all other Celepogeans, so swapping her can be a good idea if you do not have an ascended Wu Kong.

Zikis Zikis, Leofric Leofric, Titus, Mezoth Mezoth, and Vyloris Vyloris are completely off-meta Celepogeans in the current meta. So if you have heavily invested in one of them, you should consider using them as your swap instead of Wu Kong or Flora. Athalia, Audrae Audrae, Zaphrael Zaphrael, Morael Morael, and Framton Framton can be useful depending on your hero pool, but they are very niche heroes and definitely less relevant than Flora in the current meta, so they might be good options too.

The most valuable celepogeans to acquire are Daemia and Liberta. Lavatune and Lucilla are also very valuable heroes. To see the full Celepogean ascension priority, check Stargazing priorities page.

Tier 3: Overinvested 4-Faction Hero

If none of the above options are available to you, then you should consider swapping non-awakened heroes from the four basic factions (Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder, Graveborn).

Oscar Oscar, Rigby, walker Walker, Khasos, solise Solise, Seirus, Ulmus, Shemira are the worst heroes in the game. Consider using them at this event if you have heavily invested in any of them.

Check the Hero Wishlist page to see a full priority list for each of the four regular factions. That will help you to decide which hero is worth it to swap.

Also, you should consider how much you’ve invested in each hero’s signature, furniture, and engraving when choosing which hero to use in the Swap Event. Sometimes it can be more advantageous to trade a mediocre hero with level 60 engraving and level 9 furniture instead of trading an ascended bad hero with 0 engraving and furniture, for example.

To help you decide which signatures, furnitures and engravings to swap, check out each faction investment guide: Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder, Graveborn, Celestial, Hypogean.

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