Top 10 Mechanics You Must Know

In this article, we are going to reveal all of the most important hidden mechanics in AFK Arena.

afk arena mechanics
A guide by StrugglePotato

All Shields Stack, All Hastes Stack!

  • This means the Haste Buff from Lyca stacks with all of the other Haste buffs, including Relics.
  • Nemora Shield also stacks on top of the others.
  • Lucius’s Relic (dropped in Labyrinth & Peaks of Time) is very disgusting due to this since his shield timer is removed. His shield stacks with the other and can be never become expired. Pair him with Energy buffers and you will be immortal.

Soren Guild Boss

  • Lucius’s Shield is excellent at preventing the Boss CC, which can wipes out your team any time. This is what makes him the best tank for Soren.
  • Nemora Shield is also very useful at prevening Soren’s CC.
  • Soren always attacks units behind him first. This is why Grezhul, Baden, Numisu, Silvina, Warek, etc. good at distracting Soren and taking the CC themselves as they tend to get to behind the boss.

afk arena Hidden Mechanic

Non-Ultimate Skills

  • The cooldown of normal skills is based on the attack speed of the heroes.
  • Haste buffs help Heroes cast out normal skills faster.

CC Mechanics

  • CC skills are always super OP because they prevent the enemies from:
    • Dealing damage
    • Recovering Energy via attacking
  • Stun & Freezing prevent the enemies from moving.
  • Wilders Heroes have more CC skills than any other faction.
  • Single target CC skills can be dodged: Arden’s roots, Tasi’s banish, Fawkes’s coffin etc. This makes Kaz super annoying.
  • Tasi’s ultimate cannot be dodged. It’s one of the most OP CCs in AFK Arena right now.
  • When the Hero gets CCed while casting a skill, that skill won’t deal any damage and will be set on cool down. This also shows you how important Haste is in this game.
  • Mini stun also cancels skills and put them on cool down.
  • Lyca passive skill can do mini stun every 10 hits. You can, of course, do more stuns with Haste. Lyca’s Relic helps her stun 3 targets at once.
  • Farael’s Spirits have mini-stun. This is why he is one of the strongest carries in the late game. Farael’s Relic makes his spirits last forever. With a well-formed team, you can absolutely stun your enemies till death.


  • You can get Energy from Attacking, Taking Damage & Killing Enemies.
  • Regardless of the damage you do, you always get a certain amount of Energy for every hit. For example, level 100 vs level 200 Shemira gains the same amount of Energy per attack.
  • Haste gives you more Energy. This is why Lyca is OP.
  • Taking Damage gains Energy. This is why front-line Heroes usually gains Energy faster than the backline Heroes. Putting overleveled Shemira on the front-line is a great strategy in the mid game, due to this.
  • When the enemy team gets CCed, your front-line Heroes will receive less Energy.

afk arena Hidden Mechanic

Shemira’s Mechanics

  • Only charm prevents Shemira from dealing damage. Other CCs cannot do that.
  • Shemira Ultimate can get stacked, even when the visual doesn’t show that. This makes Shemira excellent for Energy-focused teams.
    Example: Shemira + Rowan + Rosaline + Estrilda for Guild Boss.
  • Shemira’s Ultimate can deal damage during the other teammate’s ultimate animation. This takes some practice to be perfect. The easiest way is to activate the teammate’s Ultimate 2 seconds after Shemira Ultimate starts spreading out. You will have 3 extra seconds for her ultimate. This becomes even more powerful when you have Ice/Fire bringer as it gives you 3 debuff stack before the enemies can do anything.

shemira infographic

Tasi’s Mechanics

  • Tasi’s blink ability allows her to dodge all of the damage coming towards her during that instance (while still gaining Energy). At level 2, the cooldown of the skill reduced every time she is struck. This makes her very annoying when having enough HP and DEF.
  • She can heal using Dream Spirit.
  • Tasi’s banish steals up to 60% of the enemy Attack’s Rating. This is why Tasi is great versus higher-leveled enemies. She could do an insane amount of damage if she banishes the correct enemy.

Tasi is one of the best Heroes in AFK Arena because:

  • Healing
  • Damage Steal.
  • Single target CC.
  • Tasi has the strongest AoE CC in AFK Arena:
    • Doesn’t require any specific positioning comparing to Mehira.
    • Undodgeable
    • Increases the amount of damage the enemies received after waking up by 30%.

Note: You still can counter Tasi’s ultimate using Brutus’ ultimate, Warek’s passive, Post-Ultimate Ulmus, Athalia’s Ultimate etc.

  • Reduces CD + guarantees dodge as Tasi takes damage.
  • Haste buff for the team (Friendly Teleport)
  • Dream Spirit: 13s Self Haste buff which doesn’t require Energy. Can be used more than once. Haste = more Energy.

afk arena rowan

Rowan’s Mechanics

  • The mana shield allows Rowan to use his Energy to take damage. The amount of Energy spent is capped at 80. Even when Rowan takes 100,000,000,000 damage, he only loses 80 Energy. This is why Rowan is very OP.
  • Remember that Rowan’s Energy can also be recovered when taking damage. Thus, Rowan is a very great tank in the late game. Lose Energy to take damage and take damage to gain Energy.
  • He also has an Energy stealing skill. His Ultimate and Signature Item both buff Energy, making him one of the most annoying and durable support.

eironn skill

Eironn’s Mechanics

  • During the start of a battle, his suction pull is prioritized the most. This makes him a nightmare to Mage units.
  • When having enough Haste, he can slow down the Mages with his Ice Sword super fast before they can even do anything when having enough Haste.
  • His Signature item allows his ultimate to freeze the targets. Frozen enemies cannot get knocked away by the tornado, giving more DPS.
  • Eironn works perfectly with Belinda (damage based on the number of enemies gets hit).
  • Eironn’s suction works very well with Safia’s Spectral Disruption, applying 40% damage debuff on enemies immediately.

Lorsan’s Mechanics

  • Inner Sight increases all damage coming from ally ultimates by 220% until he is dead. This is so crazy. Although he doesn’t have the faction advantage over Wrizz, he is still a S tier hero for guild boss because he can boost.
  • Shemira + Inner Sight = Insanely OP.
  • Gale Force increases the damage received by the enemies by 48% =  (120% + 120%)/5.
  • Link works perfectly with AoE skills.


afk arena mechanics infographic
Basic Mechanics Infographic

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