War of Truth

War of Truth is a battle event across all servers. You can join either the Celestials or Hypogeans and win final victory for your allied force through the preparation and showdown stages. The event lasts 14 days, with Day 1 being the registration period, Days 2-5 the battle preparation stage, Days 6-12 the showdown stage, and Days 13-14 the battle review stage.

During this event, all heroes have their levels adjusted to 360 and are equipped with Mythic T3 equipment without hero’s exclusive bonus stats by default, while their original tiers, furniture, Signature Items, Eternal Engravings, and beast levels are maintained. However, they cannot enjoy any Artifact attribute and effect bonuses nor any Union Attribute Bonuses.

Battle preparation stage

The battle preparation stage lasts for 4 days, during which your primary goal is to collect Star Fragments through Wild Adventures. During results calculation for battle preparation, you receive calculated rewards from the current stage if you have acquired Star Fragments. The side with more Star Fragments secures an advantage for this stage, receives more rewards at calculation, and enjoys a battle buff for Final Duel in the showdown stage.

During the battle preparation stage, you also acquire Magicka Components through Wild Adventures and repair Magicka Gemcores with other players in your allied force. For each Magicka Gemcore repaired, all players in your force are entitled to a reward. A repaired Magicka Gemcore is useful during the showdown stage.

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You can go to Wild Adventures by clicking on the Explore button at the bottom of the event page. You have six exploration attempts per day to collect Star Fragments and Magicka Components.

All you have to do during the battle preparation stage is do your daily exploration attempts, spend your Magicka Components to repair Magicka Gemcores and attack bosses when they appear.

Showdown stage

After the battle preparation stage ends, the Star Fragments of both sides are cleared, and this leads to the showdown stage which lasts for 7 days. During showdown, your primary goal is to obtain Stellar Shards.

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During the showdown stage, the Magicka Gemcores of both sides produce Stellar Shards daily. Both forces duel on three battlefields to seize control of each other’s Magicka Gemcores.

At results calculation for the showdown stage, you receive calculated rewards from this stage if you have participated in Final Duel. The side with more Stellar Shards win the final victory and are entitled to more rewards at calculation. Both sides will receive gifts, however, the gifts received by each side differs based on whether it is the winner.

During the showdown stage, on each battlefield path in Cradle of Truth, a battlefield appears between two Magicka Gemcores, each from a force, that are adjacent to one another. According to the battle situation, you can choose a battlefield and engage in Final Duel with your opponent.

By challenging an enemy, you can obtain Battle Will. The more powerful the enemy challenged, the higher Battle Will you earn. At the daily results calculation, the force with a higher cumulative Battle Will is the winner of the battlefield and seizes its enemy’s adjacent Magicka Gemcores on the battl efield’s path. If all Magicka Gemcores on the path have already been occupied by one side, and it still wins at the day’s calculation, it does not acquire any more Magicka Gemcores.

Cradle of Truth

On Day 2, 4, and 6 of the showdown stage, you will encounter the following respective monsters in Cradle of Truth: Swamp Corruptor, Molten Crystalline Worm Queen, and the boss The Skeletal Terror. They can be challenged by players from both forces.

After each monster appears, players from both forces have one day to challenge it. The monster disappears the following day. You have 10 free challenge attempts against each monster, and may spend diamonds to gain more attempts.

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You have to deploy 1 hero formation against the bosses from Day 2 and 4. You have to deploy 2 hero formations against the boss from Day 6.

The highest damage dealt by each player in a force to a monster constitutes the total cumulative damage of the force. At the results calculation for the day of the Monster Challenge, the force with the higher total damage receives Stellar Shards and a buff for Final Duel. Once obtained, the buff is effective for the rest of the showdown stage.

The best comp vs Swamp Corruptor
Awakened Baden works even at legendary ascension.
Talene can replace Awakened Baden and it gets almost as good results as a legendary Awakened Baden.
Awakened Belinda and Scarlet Scarlet can replace Rem, Grezhul can replace Awakened Baden, Awakened Solise can replace Daemia and afk arena silasSilas can replace Awakened Safiya, but those options will get significantly weaker results.


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The best comps vs Molten Crystalline Worm Queen
(Subs: Albedoafk arena silasmortas
Scarlet (Subs: )
(Subs: )


During the showdown stage, if a side is at a disadvantage, the other side’s adjacent Magicka Gemcores each path in Cradle of Truth become strategic points. At the results calculation for the day, if the disadvantaged side has seized these Magicka Gemcores, they produce additional Stellar Shards; if they remain occupied by the advantaged side, they produce the original quantity of Stellar Shards only.

Through Wild Adventures of the battle preparation stage and Final Duel of the showdown stage, you can acquire Tattered Pages to find out unknown pasts in Cradle of Truth and discover the origins of the commanders.

Review stage

After the showdown stage ends, the battle review stage commences, the Final Duels in all three battlefields cease, and Magicka Gemcores no longer produce Stellar Shards. In this stage, you can view the final outcome of War of Truth and claim the rewards.

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