How to Save AFK Arena Progress & Switch Between Accounts

In this article, we will show you the way to save your AFK Arena progress as well as switch between your game accounts using the Lilithgames account system.

How to Link your AFK Arena Account and save your game progress

Undoubtedly, we all do not want to lose the game account that we have spent tons of times, efforts and even money on.

In order to keep your AFK Arena progress save, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the game, go to the Settings page by tapping on your avatar, located at the top left on your screen.
  2. Under the Options section, tap on the Account button:
    account setting menu
  3. You will be brought to the Lilthgames account page. Choose Link then pick the method you want to use to save your game progress. We strongly recommend you use both Facebook & Google/Game Center to link to your account. Just in case you lose any and cannot load your account anymore.
    link account afk arena

Your account is now 100% save! Make sure the button is grayed and marked as Linked and you will be golden!

Game Center can only be used on iOS devices, Google ID can only be used on Android devices. However, Facebook can be used on all devices the game supports.

How to switch between your AFK Arena Accounts

Very similar to the steps above, to load any other game account, simply follow this instruction:

  1. Tap on your Avatar in AFK Arena, go to the Account section.
  2. Tap on the Switch button (screenshot above).
  3. Load the other game account using either Facebook, Game Center (iOS) or Google Account (Android).
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[…] If you have already played the game before. Finish some introducing steps and then you can load your the game progress from your phones/tablets using your Facebook account or Google […]


In case I have already link to GooglePlay but now wanna move to Facebook because changed phone to iPhone, how does it work?

On the IPhone I have a second account which is linked to Facebook.

Can I get bought together to Facebook and switch server ?



I had a AFK account with on phone and wanted to put it on tablet I followed the instructions to save it to Google never saved it on my phone and it erased my old game how do I get it back I spent a lot of money on that game

A smith

I used Google but I did not save when I was leveled up I didn’t know I was supposed to I ended up saving it to the new game on level one when I downloaded the app on the tablet trying to get my old game to transfer over in essence I lost all my game data


i linked my account on iPhone (FB + Gamecenter) , now im trying to play on Bluestack but when i switch account in Bluestack (Using FB) , it doesnt change anything.


I have the same problem.

Colin Petit

Hello i have a problem. I created two little accounts and forgot to link them with my mails. The accounts are still on but i cannot connect to them, do you know how to help me ?

Colin Petit

I used bluestack on those accounts, and now it just creates new adventures. Even when i “switch”, it says my mails arent linked with any accounts

Colin Petit

I contacted the support to get back the accounts


Please I have a problem ! Since the last update ( 6 April 2020 ), I can’t open the application. What i should do !?


Sorry I don’t know what is the id 113.

Marvin Mirafuentes

What if I have many servers on my account. Like my my 1st server is lvl 150 and the other are lower. What will happen to those servers for example I have 7 servers with different levels and progression. Will all the servers be Linked and saves by one Facebook/Google account? Or do I need multiple accounts for the other servers too?

Yeah I’m confused by this, so please help me understand.


I had a AFK account with on phone and wanted to put it on tablet I followed the instructions to save it to Google never saved it on my phone and it erased my old game

Mira Jane

Is there a way to get an account back if it wasn’t linked. My boyfriend had accidentally put my email on his phone after I already linked my account on my phone. It then took his game off and put my game on his phone. Is there away to solve this?


I have an alt I want to log onto. It is linked to a different Facebook account and when I try to switch accounts with Facebook, it doesn’t let me sign in with a new Facebook account. Any idea what to do?


Hello, I linked my main account with both facebook and google now, but, I have 2 other accounts yet I can’t link them to any other facebook or google accounts, when I try to do that they show me that I already linked them. Any help please ?