AFK Heroes Fusion Coming Soon!

NOT RELATED TO THE ACTUAL GAME IN ANYWAY! For the past few years we’ve enjoyed bringing you information about this wonderful game including guides to help you reach the peak levels of success in the game. Our guides are here to stay, we promise. However, … Read more

Sonja – Ruler of the Underworld

Scarlet – The Arcane Shadow Faction Lightbearer Type Agility Class Tank Role Buffer Sonja’s Skills Signature Item: The Rose Signature Item Skill: Thorned Aura When Sonja uses her Ultimate skill, allies with Gold Roses are gifted a ThornedAura that deals 110% of Sonja’s Attack Rating … Read more

Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness

Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness Faction Hypogean Type Intelligence Class Mage Role DPS Vyloris’s Skills Signature Item: Annulus of Lethality Signature Item Skill: Havoc The actual amount of health Vyloris uses to manifest a shield for “Fatal Embrace”is reduced by 30% (does not affect shield … Read more

Oku – Ironfist

Oku – Ironfist Faction  Wilder Type Strength Class Tank Role Tank Oku’s Skills Signature Item: Chitinous Shield Signature Item Skill: Forest’s Restoration 20% of Oku’s Thorned Volition that! is expended due to him actively using skills is converted into health for himself. [+10 Unlocks] 40% … Read more

Audrae – The Chaotic Star

Audrae – The Chaotic Star Faction Celestial Type Agility Class Ranger Role DPS Audrae’s Skills Signature Item: Stellar Bow and Arrow Signature Item Skill: Astral Enclosure Enemies that receive damage from “Cosmic Shower” have their Received Healing reduced by 50 points for 6 seconds. This … Read more

Alaro – Desert’s Eye

Alaro – Desert’s Eye Faction Mauler Type Agility Class Support Role Buffer Alaro’s Skills Signature Item: Mauler Warhorn Signature Item Skill: All Too Easy Passive. Allies within a certain range of Alaro recover health equal to 190% of his Attack Rating, and gain 30 Dodge … Read more

Ezizh – Lord of Nightmares (Awakened Ezizh)

Ezizh – Lord of Nightmares Faction Hypogean Type Intelligence Class Mage Role Continous Damage Awakened Ezizh’s Skills Special Skill: Dream Veil After every 10 seconds of battle, Ezizh enters a dream state that allows him to become immune to all damage and control effects for … Read more

Fane – The Wicked Warden

Fane – The Wicked Warden Faction Graveborn Type Agility Class Support Role Debuffer Fane‘s Skills Signature Item: Bone Hook Signature Item Skill: Prison Master Each time an ally enters or leaves the Bone Prison, they are granted a shield that has a value equal to … Read more

Melusina – Baba Yaga

Melusina – Baba Yaga Faction Dimensional Type Intelligence Class Mage Role DPS Baba Yaga‘s Skills Signature Item: Staff of Domination Signature Item Skill: Soul Taker When the skill “Soul Pilfer” is continuously stealing attributes from an enemy, it shall also steal 30 Energy points from … Read more

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