AFK Arena v1.136 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, the AFK Arena v1.136 update is getting released soon. Please take a look at the changelog below for the full details regarding the update.

Our Servers will be unavailable during Local Time: 22/02/2024 04:00 – 06:00 while we are updating the game. You will be unable to log in during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may bring and would like to offer you a 1200 diamond compensatory gift.

New Heroes

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1. Added new Lightbearer heroes Adrian & Elyse – Dance of Endurance.

2. The new heroes Adrian & Elyse – Dance of Endurance will be available to test play from Local Time: 22/02/2024 21:00.

3. Added a Bountiful Trials event for Adrian & Elyse – Dance of Endurance, as well as its Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence on Local Time: 22/02/2024 21:00.

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New Additions and Optimizations

1. The event Treasure Vanguard will be available from Local Time: 29/02/2024 21:00, where treasure hunters will receive invitations from various factions to compete with them from rewards.

2. Added related events and optimizations for Signature Items:
– Adjusted the maximum Signature Item level of all four heroes (excluding Awakend Heroes), from Lvl 50 to 40. If such hero’s Signature Item level has already been raised to Lvl 40 or higher before the update, it will be reverted back to Lvl 40. Any resources spent for the upgraded portion beyond Lvl 40 will be emailed back to the player in the form of their corresponding number of Epic Emblem Choice Chest.
– Added the Signature Swap event, which will be available from Local Time: 23/02/2024 21:00. During the event, adventurers gradually unlock the number of swaps over time (4 times in total). Two heroes with the same maximum level can be selected to swap their Signature Item levels.
– Added a new Lvl 40 Signature Item option to Popular Trained Heroes – Signature Items, and optimized the algorithm to bring the results closer to the choices of adventurers.
– Adjusted the Bounty Board rewards to increase the total number of Hero’s Essence, Elemental Shard, Twisted Essence and Diamond rewards for Mythic and Ascended quests, while also removing Primordial Emblems and Amplifying Emblems for the Team Bounty Quests.

3. Added recommendations for Collections:
– Added recommendations of each hero’s frequently used Collections and Collection abilities. Adventurers can view them through “Popular Heroes – Hero Data”‘ or via the popularity portal on the Hero Details page.
– Added recommendations of Popular Collections to Hero Strategies. Adventurers can view them via the strategy portal on the Hero Details page and in the portraits.

4. The Poetic Pop Quiz will be available from Local Time: 27/02/2024 21:00. While the event is active, adventurers can answer daily quiz questions for rewards.

5. Added Brutus – Lion’s Pride Legendary Epic adventure – The Blood Claw, which will be available after the version update.

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6. Updated the boss formation for the “Nightmare Corridor” feature: “The Light Martyr” is replaced with “Pillar of Justice”.

7. A new Misty Valley season will commence on Local Time: 02/03/2024 21:00. Adventurers can join it and start new challenges.

8. Optimized popularity leaderboards: popularity data for Treasure Scramble and Cursed Realm are added to Popular Heroes and Popular Formations.

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9. Added a new chapter to the campaign – Chapter 64 – Turtle Bone Islands, and reduced the difficulty for certain stages of chapter 63.

10. A new round of Mystic Starzone will be available from Local Time: 27/02/2024 21:00. You can enroll after completing Stage 15-40 and joining a guild. This event runs as 1 round of combat, comprising 10 days as the enrollment period, 1 day for matching, and 3 days for the battle (which shall commence on Local Time: 09/03/2024 21:00).

Hero Adjustments and Changes

1. Alaro – Desert’s Eye
– Fixed an issue that was causing the skill All Too Easy to be wrongly triggered in extreme circumstances.

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