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Guild War Summary:

  • Guild War Battles use the 3 teams vs 3 teams format. Guild members need to submit 3 defensive formations.
  • Guild War is a best-of-five competition. The side that wins 3 rounds will wins the Guild War.
  • You only get the score based on your highest position.
  • All Heroes are set at Lv. 160 and obtained the same Mythic gears.
  • All Union buffs are still available.
  • The final rewards are 10xcommon hero scroll Common Hero Scrolls+ 1Mgold Gold for each member.
afk arena guild war screenshot
The Guild War section is located right on your screen, at the top left.

AFK Arena Guild War Rules

  1. To be eligible for Guild Wars, all guilds must be level 2 and above and are required to have a minimum of 10 guild members. Guild wars can be initiated by the Guild Master or Guild Deputy by pressing the “Enroll” button, guild members may then press the “Join” button to participate in the Guild Wars.
  2. When a team enters the matchmaking queue the system will attempt to find another team in the queue with an identical matchmaking value. If one is found, the two teams will be entered into a guild war with each other. If a guild does not possess enough members they will be merged together with other guilds that also lack a sufficient amount of members.
  3. Guild Wars is comprised of 3 stages: Enrollment (lasts 48 hours), Matchmaking (lasts 1 hour) and Battles. The Battles stage is comprised of 5 rounds of which the first round lasts for 23 hours and the following 4 rounds last for 24 hours each.
  4. Guild Wars is a best-of-five competition. Team round scores are based on the highest rank each member was able to achieve during the round. The side with the highest number of total points wins the round.
  5. Only heroes that are Elite ascension tier and above may be used in Guild Wars. All heroes used will automatically be raised to level 160 and will start with Mythic tier gear, any factional bonuses on a hero’s gear will be ineffective. Heroes will start with max union bonuse but will be unable to wield any artifacts.
  6. All guild members can field up to 3 formations where each formation can only fight once. Players can only challenge players that are ranked higher than themselves
  7. All Battles require the expenditure of one battle ticket to begin. Once a new round starts 5 Battle tickets will be given to each player. Once the round has concluded any remaining battle tickets will lose efficacy.
  8. After each battle has ended, if a player’s ranking rises, their guild will receive a higher amount of points.
  9. If one side loses a round, their players will be granted an attack rating buff for the next round.
  10. There are three types of rewards: Battle Rewards, Round Rewards and Victory Rewards.
defensive team guild war
Guild members need to submit 3 defensive teams

How Do Guild Wars Actually Work?

2-3 Guilds will be coupled randomly. The game matchmaking system will take the numbers of members, numbers of Heroes, rarity of Heroes, the Guild’s winrates, Guild levels etc. in account.

Once the matchmaking is done, Guild members of each Guild can start competing to gain points. The higher rank you have, the more points you could earn.

The maximum Score players could get is 199. This is when you have achieved the rank #1.

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Getting into ranks from 30 to 1 gives significantly high scores (From 105-199)

How To Win Guild Wars?

  1. At least half of your Guild members have homologous power.
  2. Strictly follow the Guild War strategies (below).
  3. Communicating with other guild members via Guild Chat, Whatsapp, Discord or any other messaging app.

Best Strategies for Guild Wars

Each Guild War round should have 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: Attacking the enemies to gain score.
  • Phase 2: Keeping the positions, taking the advantage for the next round.

Phase 1: Attacking to Gain Score

Duration: From the start to 2 hours before round ends.

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Shouldn’t: In Guild War, you only get the score based on your the highest position. Let’s say you are at the #1 position, the opponent attacks and takes #1 from you, you immediately fight back to get that #1 position back, you will not get any extra score. Even If you are able to get that #1 spot 10 times, you will still get only 199 points.

Should: Members in guild should take turns to keep the highest possible positions. Avoid getting into the position lower than the one you got before. Give those positions for the other Guild members.

Phase 2: Keeping the Positions

Duration: Last 2 hours

Shouldn’t: Being okay at low positions and letting the opponents get into high positions, even when having more points.

Should: Trying to get the highest rankings possible, even when cannot get any extra points.


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It’s because the beginning of the next round will be based on the results of the current round. If you start with more high positions, you will get more points at the starting.

Thus, the first round is always the most important round.

Winning the first round does not only give you 1 win, but also gives you a much better start for round 2.

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If you are able to get the first 30 positions in round 1, you will have more than the opponents approximately 3k points at the beginning of round 2. This plays adds a lot of pressures to the opponents.

It is always recommended to do the best you can at round 1 in AFK Arena Guild War.

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