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Ankihira – Deceptive Beauty

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maulers MaulersIntelligence Intelligencelegendary plus Legendary+2Atk Supp / Control / DPS
Saveas / Numisu / Brutus / Isabella / Luscius / Thane


Ankihira is a fragile frontline hero who specializes in forcing the game to be Burst heavy by weakening the enemy frontline. With her very powerful, yet early defense reduction debuff, Ankihira makes sure the game will play her way. Fast and Deadly.

However, despite her burst heavy nature, Ankihira also has tools for the long game which includes a long duration stun, energy drain and a high damage non-lethal poison.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Grace Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • 35% defense reduction that is cast early and low cooldown. (Duration: 4 seconds, Cooldown: 6 seconds)
  • Defense Reduction amplifies both Physical and Magic damage.
  • 6 second stun


  • Fragile Melee
  • All her skill effects are blocked by shields except cocoon.
  • Anti-synergy with AoE heroes/strategies due to her cocoon being breakable.
  • Her Ultimate is considered a debuff. Can be blocked by Shields and cannot lifesteal from it.
  • Cocoon does not target a specific enemy. Can be random and hard to predict.

General Strategy for Ankihira

  • ► Strategy: Playing Ankhira means limiting yourself to a fragile burst comp. Due to Ankihira being fragile, thus very prone to dying.
  • ► Best Skill: While some might think Ankihira’s strongest skill is her cocoon, her best skill is actually her 2nd Skill, Corrode. It is the strongest Defense Reduction skill in game. 35% Defense Reduction on a very low 6 second cooldown for a debuff that lasts for 4 seconds. Though it has a small AoE, its frequency is more than enough to make up for this as it makes sure Ankihira casts the skill again when the target falls, ready for a recast when retargetting. It also have a very fast Attack Animation, making it less likely to get interrupted.- – – For comparison, Brutus’ Roar has a 40% defense reduction to Physical Damage on a 8 second duration and 12 second cooldown while Ankihira has 35% defense Reduction, 4 second duration and 6 second cooldown. Brutus has a wide AoE but Ankihira amplifies Magic Damage as well. With this, they are seemingly equal. However, Brutus’ Roar has a long 1 second cast animation and is cast on his 2nd attack from the beginning of the fight. This makes Brutus’ Roar very vulnerable to being interrupted by enemy stuns thus has a high likelihood of failing. While Ankihira’s defense reduction has a fast Animation thus is less likely to be interrupted. It is also cast as Ankihira’s 3rd Attack(Once she has cocoon) thus making it less likely to be interrupted.
  • ► Cocoon: Despite being a strong 6 second stun, it is breakable and does not have a specific target. However, it seems to prioritize the furthest enemy so you can try to work around that. Additionally, it also has a long cast animation and is cast on her 2nd attack, which many heroes have stuns Try not to use Ankihira vs Hogan, Ogi, Seirus, Thoran
  • ► Numisu Synergy: Numisu has great synergy with Ankihira for he allows Ankihira to play more defensively. Numisu provides Ankihira with both a shield and healing with his totems. Both of which come are active very early. With Ankihira being a fragile frontline, she is guaranteed to hog most of Numisu’s totems as she will consistently be the lower health frontline. This grants Ankihira a healer that is dedicated to healing her and her only. Allowing her to play a durable playstyle. Additionally, with Numisu providing the strongest ally with bonus Attack Rate, Numisu plays along with Ankihira’s Fast and Deadly Playstyle, making Numisu the best healer to Support Ankihira.
    Position: 3 – Numisu. Numisu’s totems seems to priotritize nearby allies over far away low health allies Therefore Numisu must be played at position 2 to keep him close to Ankihira..
  • ► Early Game Isabella Synergy (Cheese) – If there is a team composition an Early-Mid Game an Isabella player wants to play, consider playing Ankihira as she provides your team with an early defense reduction that amplifies both physical and magical damage. This combination negates Isabella’s weakness of not contributing to frontline damage as Ankihira makes sure that the enemy frontline will be the one with the lowest HP early on in the game. This forces isabella to focus her damage to the enemy frontline Ankihira and her Backline Damage Dealer is trying to burst down.
  • ► Lvl 141+ Thane Synergy: Once Thane is level 121 or above, Thane has very good Synergy with Ankihira as he protects Ankihira from early damage and stuns from the enemy frontline, allowing Ankihira to safely cast her Cocoon. Additionally, since a Position 3 Thane will dive towards the enemy Position 2 frontline, This results into 3 damage dealers all attacking the same enemy, leading to a very deadly and fast paced game which is exactly the kind of game Ankihira wants to play. When Ankihira applies her 2nd Skill – Corrode for a powerful 35% defense reduction, the enemy is guaranteed to die before the ult phase, beginning the Snowball.
    Position Strategy: 2 – Ankihira, 3 – Thane, 4 – Main Damage Dealer, (Pos 3 Isabella).
  • ► Dura’s Grace: Dura’s grace is a viable option for Ankihira as it grants her some HP and provides a shield for when Ankihira uses her ultimate ability. With her ult having a long cast animation, the Shield is very good to protect her from control effects, preventing an interrupt or two.

Guild Hunt Strategy

  • ► Skill 2 – Corrosion: 35% Armor Reduction on a very low dooldown (4 sec duration : 6 sec cooldown). This is very powerful for the fact that it amplifies both Physical and Magic Damage. Similar abilities include Raine and Brutus. Brutus reduces defense by 40% but only to Physical Damage. Raine only increased damage taken by up to 15/20%. 35% on a very low cooldown is very good! However, since this damage amplification is on a basic skill and not an Ultimate, this means the buff does not always activate at the same time as the allies’ Ultiamtes thus Ankihira is not an ideal hero for burst and double ult Guild Hunt Strategies.
  • ► Good Damage: Her poson damage albeit slow deals a relatively high damage. From lvl 100, she is additionally able to keep the Guild Boss poisoned for nearly, if not 100% of the time.
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