AFK Arena v1.125 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, the AFK Arena v1.125 update is getting released soon. Please take a look at the changelog below for the full details regarding the update.

Our Servers will be unavailable during Local Time: 21/09/2023 04:00 – 06:00 while we are updating the game. You will be unable to log in during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may bring and would like to offer you a 1200 diamond compensatory gift.

New Heroes

1. Added a new Lightbearer hero: Jerome – Commander of the Waves.

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2. The new hero Jerome – Commander of the Waves will be available to test play from Local Time: 21/09/2023 21:00.

3. Added a Bountiful Trials event for Jerome – Commander of the Waves, as well as its Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence on Local Time: 21/09/2023 21:00.


New Additions and Optimizations

1. Added the adventure “Raid the Thieves Lair” to the Voyage of Wonders feature, which will be available from Local Time: 25/09/2023 21:00.

2. “Fight of Fates’ will be available from Local Time: 25/09/2023 21:00. Join a battle across time and space, at the hands of fate.

3. A new Misty Valley round is about to commence and will be available from Local Time: 02/10/2023 21:00.

4. King’s Tower updates:
– Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 1900 and 1950 of the King’s Tower, and also added more floors, bringing the total number of floors to 2000.
– Players can now climb up to 1170 floors within each of the Faction Towers. Meanwhile, the difficulty of some floors between 1110 and 1140 has been reduced.
– Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 740 and 760 of the Celestial Sanctum and Infernal Fortress, and also added more floors, bringing the total number of floors to 780 for both towers.

5. Optimized the display of battle statistics: Added activation info for Awakening Skills, where players can tap to view the details of an Awakening Skill’s effects.

6. Optimized the display of adventurers’ combat rating.

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7. Fixed an issue in Twisted Realm that was causing some enemies’ Attack and Defense Ratings to work abnormally as Enrage was stacked up.


Game Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Lyca – The Dawnbringer
– Fixed an issue that, in certain circumstances, caused the Damage Reduction provided by Lyca’s skill, Starfall Smite, to end early before she fully entered the battlefield, due to Ultimate skills used by other allied heroes.
– Optimized the visuals of the hero’s avatar.

2. Tarnos – The Atoner
– Fixed an issue that was preventing Tarnos from using his skills in subsequent battles after being mentally controlled by Ezizh – Hellborn with his skill, Feeble Mind, during a battle.

3. Beast – Shroom Spooder
– Fixed an issue where the range of the hallucinogenic mist from the sill, Noxious Mirage, was wrongly determined; and also optimized the skill’s visual effects.

4. Zolrath – Voidbinder
– Fixed an issue where the upgraded normal attack effects of the skil, Annihilate, did not work properly at the start of a battle in “Judgment Chronicle – The Grim Expanse”.

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