AFK Heroes Fusion Coming Soon!


For the past few years we’ve enjoyed bringing you information about this wonderful game including guides to help you reach the peak levels of success in the game.

Our guides are here to stay, we promise. However, moving forward, we wanted to explore a more creative side to our content to you.

Ever wondered what it would look like for heroes of different factions to fuse into one hero? The concept is very similar to the fusion from Dragon Ball Z if you ever watched the show.

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The idea is to have two heroes from different factions fuse into a much more powerful hero; a completely new hero unrelated to any faction, but with attributes from both factions.

Like Dragon Ball Z, we want to make sure that the fusion actually makes sense. What this means is that the two heroes will have to be on the same Tier Level and class type. An example is as seen in the image below:


In the image above we see Brutus, a Mauler, Ascended Tier and Tank class together with Thoran, a Graveborn, Ascended Tier and Tank class as well. Now what kind of calamity will this combination bring? You’ll soon come to find out.

Another example is Estrilda an Ascended Lightbearer Warrior fused together with Antandra an Ascended Mauler Warrior.

At this point we’re sure you understand the concept. Hopefully you’re as excited as us to see what this resulting fusions will bring.

Of course we’d love to bring it all to you, but we think it’d be way more fun if you had a hand in helping us come up with the next hero fusion.

Introducing an exclusive membership system where members will be able to recommend what fusions they want to see next and the fused heroes abilities. Available free trial for 30 days.

afk arena pc download

Sign Up Now for Heroes Fusion Membership

Stay tuned for what’s to come!


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